We clean even in places where your eyes could not see with over 10 different agents to take care each bag. Each agent serves for different purposes for the most desired results. In addition, we sourced our agents from around the world of more than 1,000 distinguished mixtures, resulted in the solutions that do not deteriorate the leather and hardware surfaces. We also adjust the formula by using a Aqueous Ozone cleaning method as the last step to make sure it is free from mold, bacteria, and viruses when you receive your products.

Starting from THB 1,500

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Protect your loved ones …. Before it is too late

Safety first is a way to go. Wear with confidence and carefree from obstacles

Starting from THB 1,500

Nano Protection

Nano spray coating for waterproof, dirtproof, odor-free, and mold-free.

UV Protection

UV protection coating to keep your goods colors unfaded from daylight exposure.

Shield Protection

Shield protection coating to keep your leather scratchproof from an unexpected event.

Transfer Protection

Transfer protection coating to prevent from color transferring from your garments to your leather. Anti-slip stickers and film protector for your goods to be immune from slippery surface and sharp edges. The spray can be coated concurrently up to 4 types leading to 4-in-1 results, protecting your goods from any obstacles. The spray-protected goods can stay up to 8 months after being coated.

Color restoration with innovative procedures to freshen up your loved ones

Restore the color that are from scuff, scratch, wear, and tear with our special agent

We stimulate the remaining color cells in your goods by massaging them by hands for over 48 hours, resulting in fresh color restored by 30-50%

Starting from THB 3,500


Attentive to details with service minds

Our experts inspect and detect every single details to tackle all of the problems


Safety Reassurance

RFID tag is placed right after your goods are received by Momoko. You can track your goods real time regarding the process and journey of your loved ones.



Our team doublechecks the products every time before sending it back to the shop to ensure the perfect repairs in every spot

Receive your goods with a smile. We return your products with acid-free paper stuffing to keep your bags in excellent shape with a zip lock bag and a scent that lasts more than 3 months