Cowhide is among the most popular luxury bag materials, so chances are you already own some handbags with cowhide parts.

Cowhide is an unbleached skin of a cow. Its prominent feature is its durability—peeling won’t be a problem for cowhide. However, its color can darken as time goes by. To help keeping your cowhide items looking clean, here is our advice on basic caring for the material:
1. Clean the material using a soft brush or toothbrush
2. Prepare 2 buckets of warm water, 240ml each, for washing
3. Mix ½ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in the first water bucket
4. Soak a soft cloth in the first water bucket, wring it out, and use it to gently rub on a dirty spot in circle, followed by drying it using another cloth
5. Dry the bag in an airy place, but avoid direct sunlight or dry air
6. When the bag is already half-dry, apply a leather conditioner on the surface, and wait until it is completely dry

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