The luxury bag market has been unceasingly gaining more popularity, especially among ladies. Designer brands are launching new collections competitively. More secondhand bags are sold on more marketplaces. Now that you have numerous options, it’s important that you think it through before obtaining a new bag to your collection. Here is the list of things to consider before making an expensive purchase:

  • Is it too costly for me?

First thing to consider is your budget. Designer bags come in different price ranges—some are ultra-pricey, and some are more affordable for the masses, so you’ll always have a choice. Never buy a bag that will break the bank just to impress someone else.

  • Classic or trending?

Ask yourself first if you wish to use the bag for many more years, or if you want to obtain an in-fashion one at the moment. If you plan to use one for a lenghty period, we recommend timeless favorites like Chanel, Prada, or Louis Vuitton bags—they hardly go out of style, and their prices might increase with time. On a contary, if you are a fashionista seeking a trendy bag, just get the piece that you like at your affordable price range.

  •  My wardrobe and lifestyle?

Even when you’ve found a bag that looks outstandingly stylish, ask yourself these questions before making an impulsive purchase: Would it look good on me or match any of my clothes? Would it go well with my lifestyle? For example, if you are an office employee and have to carry a lot of stuffs every day, recommended is the big and durable Balenciaga City Bag. Also, check your closet first if you like neutral colors for clothing or if you like it flashy, so you can pick the right color that compliments your daily look.

No matter which bag you eventually choose, it’s essential to know how to take good care of it and how to clean it properly. If you are not sure whether you are doing it correctly, let MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa be at your service, with our specialists and world-class products to help taking care of your favorite items.

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