Handbag is definitely an unmissable item in your wardrobe. Aside from its functionality, it can very well enhance your look in all occasions. If you are thinking about buying an everyday handbag, here is the list of things to consider, so you can find the right match for your uniqueness.

  • SIHLOUETTE -Handbags come in countless types such as crossbody, clutch, satchel, and more. Choosing a handbag that matches your lifestyle and purpose of usage will make your life easier
  • COLOR  – Pick the bag with appropriate color for each situation. Even though there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion, appropriateness should still be in consideration.
  • BODY SHAPE – This is a secret to looking good—choosing the size of handbag that compliments your body shape. If you have a plump body, don’t pick one that is tiny with thin strap. For petite women, avoid a big handbag. It’s a matter of looking symmetrical.


In addition to looking stylish, an important factor to bear in mind is the occasion—are you going shopping, to eating out, to your workplace, or on a date? Besides, your favorite handbag should always look clean and polished. In this matter, bring your bag to MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa to keep it looking new all the time!

Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa
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