Irrefutably, the secondhand brand name goods market has been growing steadily. As the number of brand name aficionados is consistently increasing, the pre-owned luxury goods are sold more and more on various websites including Fashionphile, The RealReal, and Rebag. To sell their used item, a lot of people opt for consignment on online channels or sell it themselves for different purposes like a need for cash, boredom, or even as an investment. Here we have put together some bags that are worth investing in, and selling them now can make a high profit.

Vintage Novelty Chanel

Since Chanel products have been getting more expensive, numerous collectors decide that it’s time to wave goodbye to their beloved Chanel Flap Bag and sell it to make some profit, resulting in the oversupply of Chanel Flap Bag in the secondhand market. Consequently, some models are sold at the price as low as THB 45,000, even when other models can be priced as high as THB 180,000, and the liquidity is considered low, except for the Special Edition ones or those with distinctive details. The most sought-after and best-selling one is the vintage Chanel Novelty with the high-in-demand styles of Jumbo Hardware Flaps, Vanity Bags, and 1990’s – 2000’s Baguettes.

Vintage Gucci

Gucci’s vintage collections like Jackie, Bardot, and Boston have been fashionable once again after the brand launched new collections with a vintage touch. In addition, the designs with bamboo handle and tassel have also gained back the popularity. A number of fashion houses do not only bring the old-time designs back to life, but also play with retro colors and details of hardware. This major comeback increases the value of vintage Gucci collections. Even though it may not bring you a huge profit, but if you have one with you for a lengthy period already, our opinion is that now is a good time to sell it.

Limited Edition of Lady Dior, Dior Book Tote, and Dior Saddle Bag

Just like Gucci, Dior starts retrospecting to its old collections and take inspiration from them to bring compelling styles to the modern fashion world. Dior Saddle Bag is the biggest comeback of the vintage bag collections in 2018, and its secondhand price has almost doubled. The collection we especially adore is Dior Book Tote, which has been picking up steam once again with its timeless design and intricate patterns, especially the Palm Tree Toile De Jouy. If your collection comprises anything than the vintage models, we highly recommend you get a Lady Dior, since it can be sold out fast at high price at all times.

Louis Vuitton’s Hype Bags

Out of all luxury designer brands, Louis Vuitton is the only brand that penetrate the market of hype culture most. One of the examples is the collaboration with Supreme that increases the price of Epi Christopher Backpack to as high as THB 400,000. The StockX hype culture is the phenomenon of which brand name fans are especially interested in a certain collection, or possess a limited edition of a bag that is widely advertised, resulting in those people feeling special and proud to have rare, highly-sought-after items in their hands. In consequence, an item that is “hyped” can surely bring you an enormous profit, like how it works with the renowned Teddy Collection. Therefore, if you own those hyped bags and have been thinking about selling it, this is the time. The Multi Pochette is one of the models that will keep on being popular, so you may have to pay a higher price to obtain it. The Multi Pochette in khaki is sold at the secondhand marketplace Fashionphile at THB 89,850.

Small & Mini Hermès Bags The Kelly Cut and Kelly Pochette

The Kelly Cut and Kelly Pochette are both high-in-demand and rare. The Kelly Cut clutch was first placed on sale as part of the 2004 Fall Collection, designed by world-renowned Jean-Paul Gaultier. The reselling price varies depending on colors and materials, but they are mostly priced from THB 210,000 on online secondhand marketplaces. Another collection that is compact and never goes out of style is Constance, of which its value is well-maintained even though it is not as in demand as Mini Lindy and Mini Bolide, which have been gaining massive interest in the pre-owned market. The Mini Lindy is resold even more than the all-time-classic Birkin. On Fashionphile, the Mini Lady is priced from THB 262,500 to 405,000 while the Birkin’s price starts at THB 210,000. The Mini Bolide is high in demand as well, with price starting from THB 120,000 to 300,000. If you possess these lovely little bags and have been feeling that it’s time to move on, we think this is an ideal time to sell them and opt for new Hermès bags.


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