Early cleaning is a process that is often overlooked—you may wait until your bag gets visibly stained or damaged before you visit a bag spa to get it renewed. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent it from wearing out at the first place?Before it’s too late, you can start retaining your belongings right away at home. Let’s take a look at these must-have items that can turn your room into an ad-hoc bag spa whenever you want.

MOMOKO NANO COATING SPRAY (Water, UV, and dust protection spray)

Protect your brand name goods with the innovative coating spray, guarding any surfaces from sunlight and dust using advanced nanotechnology that works like a protective film with deep protection and zero side effect. The coating can efficiently reflect UV rays and dirt away, so you won’t have to worry about color fading. Suitable for bags, shoes, and headgears that are made of leathers and textiles.

MOMOKO DAZZLING SHAMPOO (Multi-purpose cleaning foam with no water required)

The cleaning foam comes with ultra-tender texture that is high-performance in absorbing dirt out from each spot and simultaneously removes unpleasant odor, while leaving no harm to your belongings and won’t cause the colors to fade. Its formula has been thoroughly tested to be safe for various materials such as cowhide, patent leather, PVC leather, PU leather, weavings, etc. No matter how many stains there are, just let the Dazzling Shampoo take care of them.


The cutting-edge natural product by Momoko can kill virus, bacteria, and other germs, while being gentle to all kinds of leather and more materials. This is the must-have of the era—it disinfects without any harmful chemicals to human, and leaves only subtly sweet smell. The sanitizer is good for your own hygiene and your hi-end belongings alike.


This super soft multiuse cloth is ideal for cleaning your bags, shoes, and accessories, working especially well when using it with Momoko cleaning products. Being smooth and light, you can be sure that it won’t cause any scratch.


The brush is especially designed for gentle and thorough cleaning on all surfaces of your bags and shoes. With its double-sided brush heads, you can use it for different purposes with safety ensured. We have done a lot of quality check before offering it to you, from the process of designing, material selecting, to efficiency testing.

Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa
is Thailand’s first one-stop brand name products care service provider. We carefully selected caring and cleaning products that are the best for your belongings and suitable with all surfaces, to help maintain the quality of your luxury items. Try our products at MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa countrywide.

Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa
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