If you already own some designer handbags, you may already care for it on a basic level regularly, and you may wonder from time to time if you are doing it correctly. Here are things you should know to keep your bag clean right at your home:

1. Baby wipes are not gentle to your bags. They may be harmless to babies, but they can ruin the coating of the material of your bags and shoes. Instead, use cleaning products that are formulated to use on each material safely such as Momoko Dazzling Shampoo, the all-purpose foaming cleanser that is gentle to various materials including cowhide, patent leather, PVC, PU leather, and weavings. Its soft texture can clean a surface, even at spots that are not easy to access.


2. Coating is a worthwhile investment. Once you obtain a new designer bag, coat it using a high-quality and reliable product like Momoko Nano Coat Spray to protect your bag against potential damage from water, sun rays, and dirt, just like a thin layer of protective film. It has been tested for safety to be used with various materials.

3. Keep the dust bag. The dust bag that comes with your designer bag is a great container to store your bag when it is not in use, but remember to stuff the bag before storing in order to keep it in shape.

4. Always check if your bag has dirt on it before it’s too late to clean it up. If you are going out, you may take a small cleaning brush with you so once the bag gets stained, you can remove the dirt instantly. The brush can also make materials like suede and nubuck staying new.

5. Hand it to specialists. Don’t try to remove heavy stains caused by lipstick, coffee, or ink on your own—this should only be done by a specialist as it requires know-how and proper products for different materials.

Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa takes care of your designer bags with attention to every detail. Revive your favorite bags at Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa nationwide.

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