Classy and luxurious Hermès Birkin bag has always been a dream for designer bag fans. A Birkin bag is meticulously crafted by experienced bag makers, taking up to 48 hours to finish, so in comes with intricate details. If you have one in your collection or look forward to owning one, it’s important that you get to know all parts of the Birkin due to the following reasons:

#1 To communicate. If you want to take the bag to get serviced or talk about it with your peers, you will be able to communicate about it more clearly.

#2 To understand. You may find your desired Birkin bag on sale at marketplaces other than the Hermès shop. A bag’s description on its condition can contain a lot of unfamiliar words, so learning about it beforehand can gives you more clarification.

#3 To get it repaired. If you take the Birkin to a bag spa for a repair service, you will be able to point out specific spots that needs to be mended. In addition, you can check if what appears on the bill is correct.

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