In the countries with tropical climate, the weather can really be unpredictable—it may be completely sunny in the morning, and all of sudden it rains heavily in the afternoon. Moreover, there’s a lot of humidity in the air. Your leather bag can be gradually damaged by these invisible factors, and it can get moldy if you don’t store it properly. If the mold has already been your problem, don’t worry much—here are the ways to prevent it from reoccurring:

  • PREVENT– To keep your bag away from the mold, it should always be stored in a clean and dry place. However, humidity and dirt may seep in as you carry it outside. For your daily use, Momoko Nano Coat Spray offers prevention for your bag from factors that can cause mold, and it won’t ruin any material.
  • STOP– If there is already a sign of mold, you may have heard about some ways to stop it from spreading like drying the bag in an airy place, or wipe it using vinegar or alcohol, etc. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend following the latter advice, since vinegar and alcohol can damage your bag. It’s safer to clean the bag using a product that is especially formulate for each material.
  • SPA– If you are not sure if the mold is completely gone, take the bag to get a spa service, so a specialist can deep clean it in ways that are gentle to different materials.

If you wish to revive you bag, visit MOMOKO Bag & Shoes Spa nationwide for deep cleaning by our experienced staff using delicate-yet-effective products, so it can look as spotless as its very first day.

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