Designer brand lovers and leather bags belong together, and we know that you love your favorite leather bags dearly that you take extra care of them. However, after a period of time, your bags may get some scratches, dirt, or dullness.

If you own the classic and in-vogue items like Prada System nappa leather, timeless Chanel Classic, or other designer bags, surely you want to keep them looking polished all the time. In this blog, we would like to share some tricks to maintain newness of your favorites so they can keep on shining for many more years.

How to keep your leather bag clean

  • Coat it before using

There are innovations to help protect your leather bags from sunlight, dusts, sweat stains, and water drops that can damage your bag’s texture. Our MOMOKO NANO COAT SPRAYis an easy-to-use coating to shield your possession from possible damages and extend the lives of your bags and shoes, working like a thin layer of film to prevent liquids and dirt from seeping into a texture. Despite its effective protection, it is proven to be gentle to all kinds of surface, so it won’t do any harm to your loved ones even in a long run.

  • Wipe it with proper cleaning product

Cleaning genuine leather should only be done using products especially designed for the material. Our Momoko Dazzling Shampoo is a multi-purpose cleaning foam with no water required. Its delicate bubbles can efficiently absorb dirt out from each spot and simultaneously removes unpleasant odor. Simply put a tiny bit of foaming product on a cloth, a brush, or a container, gently clean your exquisite leatherwork, and wipe out the foam using a clean cloth. Dry your cleaned bag at an airy place or with a hairdryer. Testers are available at Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa nationwide.
  • Bring it to a bag spa

If you are not sure if you take the right care for your belongings, or worried about ruining it with your own hands, just take your treasured item to a specialist. There are plenty of bag spa services available at your convenience nowadays. Momoko is one of the experts in bag care and repair, and we can professionally rejuvenate your beloved bags with our special products and know-how.
Momoko Bag & Shoes Spais Thailand’s first one-stop brand name products care service provider. We carefully selected caring and cleaning products that are the best for your belongings and suitable with all surfaces, to help maintain the quality of your luxury items. Try our products at MOMOKO Bag & and Shoes Spacountrywide.

Momoko Bag & Shoes Spa
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